Disc Therapy

At the Optimum Health Clinic a unique individual multifaceted approach is used in treating discs. Through a detailed history, physical exam, and imaging ( MRI ). Dr. Fedorov can obtain exact data on disc location (where & extent of herniation / bulging protrusion). Diagnostic images in the form of MRI ( X-Ray do not show disc)  are valuable in disc therapy allowing for visualization of the disc herniation / bulge / protrusion , the extent of nerve compression, measure disc height, and determine hydration level in disc by the disc color. Being a primary physician in Illinois Dr. Alexander Fedorov D.C. can order and read the MRI.

Location and Symptoms

  • Neck (Cervical) Disc Herniation is often associated with neck pain with or without shooting pain down the arm. Cervical radiculopathy is radiating nerve pain that begins in the neck region and runs down the shoulder, arm, forearm, and into the hand, and is often associated with a neurologic deficit such as numbness or weakness.
  • Mid (Thoracic) back Disc Herniation Pain is usually centered over the injured disc but may spread to one or both sides of the mid-back. If the herniation occurs in the middle of the thoracic spine, pain can radiate to the abdominal or chest area, mimicking heart problems. A lower thoracic disc herniation can cause pain in the groin or lower limbs and can mimic kidney pain.
  • Low (Lumbar) back Disc Herniation is often associated with low back pain with shooting pain down the leg (Sciatica), when the sciatic nerve is impaired it can lead to muscle weakness in the leg and/or, numbness or tingling. Sneezing, coughing, or bending usually intensifies the pain. Problems with bowel, bladder or erectile function occure in severe cases.


For neck discs Dr. Fedorov D.C. utilizes Chattanooga Clinical Cervical Traction Device for spinal decompression to re-hydrate the discs through creating a negative pressure (decompressing the disc) will allow for healing and repair of disc prolapse, herniation and annulus tears.

For Mid and Low back discs Dr. Fedorov D.C.  combines s Chattanooga Clinical Thoracic / Lumbar Traction spinal decompression with Cox Flexion-Distraction protocol.

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The spine must be strengthened to decrease probability of exacerbation, Dr. Fedorov excels at Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

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