Weight Loss

Weight Loss, Exercise, and Nutrition

  • No magic pills, or Diet. Weight loss is a lifestyle change.

Dr. Fedorov physician guided weight loss program is designed not only for weight reduction but to maintain an optimum healthy weight through behavior and lifestyle modification.

  1. Get Patient Baseline data with InBody 230.
  2. Patient education on nutrition, exercise, and setting sensible goals and expectations.
  3. Comprehensive history and physical exam.
  4. Food Diary ( to record baseline caloric intake and general nutrition habits) .
  5. Modification of calorie intake,behavior,  and implementation of exercise program.
  6. In clinic Cardio in addition to resistance weight training.

Dr. Fedorov utilizes an individualized systematic approach, starting from a detailed patient history and goal setting and percent body fat incorporating InBody 230.

ib230_s.jpg Inbody_Data_Sheet_edited_1.jpg

 InBody 230 utilizes Bioimpedance to accurately measure body fat, skeletal muscle mass, BMI, BMR, and total body water.

•    Body Composition : Skeletal muscle mass, Muscle mass, Fat free mass.
•    Obesity Diagnosis : BMI , % Body Fat , Waist Hip Ratio.
•    Segmental Analysis for Fat and Lean Mass,  Edema, Segmental edema. 
•    Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR), Fat Control, Muscle Control.

Click Here to see full  InBody 230 Specifications.

Each patient is given a Food Diary which is filled out for one week then information is analyzed with respect to eating behavior / habits, the amount of calories ingested from each food group carbohydrate/protein/fat. From this data we can determine weekly caloric consumption, and from where the calories are coming.

Through mathematical formulas which incorporate activity level age, sex, and body fat deposition the ideal caloric intake is determined. Then to lose one pound per week need -500 caloric intake nutritionally ( 1 lb of fat= 3500 calories). This gradual weight loss program ensures not only safe weight loss but also the patient is able to maintain the weight loss.

Dr. Fedorov then creates a custom exercise program that is designed to increase lean muscle mass, and maximizing calorie burning thus increasing the patient basal metabolic rate essentially boosting your metabolism.

Experience an effective weight loss program designed to not only teach you how to lose weight naturally but to be able to stick with your program and keep the weight off. Permanent weight loss takes lots of time, effort, focus and a lifelong commitment.

Health Benefits of Weight Loss

  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Lowering blood sugar
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Reduce aches and pains